Siberian Tigress and Her Mate at the San Francisco Zoo 

Okay, I admit it, I am lazy. While my ego would love to be capturing exciting images out in the wild where these beautiful creatures exist, to tell you the truth, it is too much work. So I joined the San Francisco Zoo this year and now I look for zoos and animal parks as well as botanical gardens in the many cities I visit.  

I have been spending a lot of weekends at the SF Zoo since I live so close to it. I live almost as close to the Oakland Zoo but the traffic on a weekend afternoon makes the trip back home unpleasant and long. At any rate, my intent is to take the Zoo out of the picture whenever possible. Other shots are included simply to provide a documentary image of that animal. It is not as easy as you think to get a great photo of an animal at the zoo. What if they don't come out. What if they just lay there. What if there are bars, fences, screens, or plexiglass between you and the animal? Or, it is in the shade at the back. So, you get the point. Here's a few suggestions for better photos at the zoo.

So far I have seen zoos in the following locations:

Melaka, Malaysia
Hong Kong, China
San Diego, California
San Francisco, California
Sacramento, California
Oakland, California
Seattle, Washington
Atlanta, Georgia
Columbia, South Carolina
Vancouver, Canada

San Diego, with both the Zoo and Wild Animal Park, is hands down the best place in the US to go. Now I did see part of a special about the Bronx Zoo and it looked impressive, so I hope to see it next summer. Below are my images of living creatures. Play some music and enjoy the slide shows.



I have begun using Lightroom 4 to create web galleries for displaying my images. It is much easier and a lot nicer looking than what I have been doing previously.

And with that being said, here are the Animal images:





Bird photography is rather challenging when the bird is flying. But sometimes you can catch them perched. Like at a zoo.

Here's all the birds I've managed to get a click of:


The Aviary



Previously I had a new section here for Butterflies and Dragonflies. Now it's not so new, so I added images of all the bug pics I have. I mostly use a 105 macro lens for tese exceptfor e butterflies and dragonflies. Then it's a 70-300mm lens. And More patience.

Here's what I have so far:





Previously Since we're in the section for the Zoo, I should also share my images from my visits to aquariums. I did someunderwater photography briefly, way back when I was diving (anybody wanna buy some Nikonos underwater film cameras?). But that was then and this is now, so I go to zoos and aquariums. Still somewhat challenging, like bird photography, especially when you have to shoot through glass and water using a flash.

Without further ado, here's a few fish and friends to look at:


Fish & Friends




And lastly, I must include a gallery of Reptiles and Amphibians, especially since I am rather fond of frogs.


Reptiles and Amphibians





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