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 John B Caddell

All images Copyright 1978-2006



Hi Folks, me again. Thought I'd share some new photography with you. Not that all those slide shows I recently added weren't new, but a new subject for me. As you may know I was very much into outdoor sports; whitewater, climbing, skiing, mountain biking, scuba diving; and I wasn't much into watching other people engaged in some sport, especially if I didn't myself. But one day a couple of friends of mine at work asked me what I was doing for the weekend, and I responded that it would probably involve me pointing my cameras at something. They both live in Santa Cruz, and one of them surfs, so he asked if I'd had ever done surfing photos, and I said no. So I went over that Saturday morning back in November of 2005 and found a pro competition in progress at Steamer Lane by the lighthouse. Stayed there for 7 hours. Had a great time and got a few decent shots. Went back another time recently. Waves weren't as big and it wasn't sunny and warm, but still just as fun. So here are a couple hundred photos that best capture what I saw. Not all of them are crystal sharp, though, sorry, but you still get the idea of what surfing is about. They aren't for sale, unless you are the surfer in the photo. So take a look and put on some rock and roll. Surf's up!


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