Florida Keys Sunrise 


You gotta love sunrises and sunsets. God's paintings. Down in the Florida Keys where you can set up your lounge chair facing east to watch the sunrise over the Atlantic and simply turn it around to watch the sunset over the Gulf.

I drive a lot. I love to go places to see things. I heard a New Zealander raft guide once say that his purpose in life was to have as much pass in front of his eyeballs as he could possibly make happen. I was thinking, 'Yep, that sounds like me', so I have been saying it ever since. And driving everywhere I can. In the last several years, I have been lucky to get to travel for my job as you can see from the selection on the Lighthouses Home Page. You can bet I have taken those cameras with me. Nowadays, it is getting rather heavy as the old gear has been replaced by more sophisticated cameras, lenses, and flashes with all the extras for two cameras. And such a drag on those multi-stop International flights. I get checked everywhere. 

So I mostly photograph the subjects on this web site, but I do find other things outdoors to capture on 'film' (I use just digital these days). Sunrise and sunsets are the obvious picks, but since I have spent so much time on rivers, and doing other mountain-related sports, there's more to see here. Click away.




I have discovered how to use Lightroom to publish images to my website and it displays them better and with navigation links. So this is the first one to get converted. I have recently begun to experiment with skow shutter speeds on falling water. There is a wonderful park near Morgan Hill, CA, called Uvas Canyon County Park. It has a moderate 1 mile loop train that takes you along Swanson's Creek and features several waterfalls allong its journey through the park. Please enjoy the fruits of my efforts.

Uvas Canyon County Park

Uvas Canyon Slide Show


My most favorite place in the world has to be Yosemite National Park. Just an amazing geological wonder. Majestic waterfalls, towering redwoods and sequioas. A truly magnificent place on this incredible planet.

Yosemite National Park


And since I live in California, I'll have to show you some images from around the state. They won't include photos from Uvas Canyon or Yosemite since they are viewable through the links above.

California Photos

California Slideshow



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