Pond Reflection, Butchart Gardens, Victoria Canada 


I just love plants and flowers. I have been growing them since 1975, as a result of a relationship I had been in. After a passion developed for whitewater rafting and canoeing, I did not have as much time to take care of plants because I was gone to the river so much. During my early days of boating, I met a man who was an expert at whitewater canoeing. He had amazing skills and unbelievable nerves. He taught me the extreme art of Class V canoeing and then taught me how to take pictures of the raft trips to sell to the customers. Thus the photographer in me was released. Paid to do it before I really knew what I was doing. Back to flowers. Now that I had a couple of cameras, manual Nikon SLRs with a few lenses, I started taking pictures of flowers so that I would still have them in my life but not have to take care of so many. I had approximately 700 house plants in a small 2 bedroom house in Atlanta Georgia before I started whitewater boating.

Now many years later, I don't go boating as much, although I still have a couple of canoes that I hope to take my daughter out in when she gets older. And I don't have 700 hundred plants growing indoors, (though I do have some outdoor gardens that still add much color to my yard and certainly attracts the hummingbirds which you can see in the Animal section), but I have taken thousands of photographs of flowers. Everywhere I travel, I find flowers to photograph. From nurseries, street planters, and botanical gardens to florists and private homes. They bring a certain tranquility to my psyche to see them. And I definitely stop to smell them. 


I'll have to say that Water Lilies are my favorite flowers. Their colors and symmetry, coupled with the fact that they grow in water and are likely to have a reflection, just takes my breath away. I have collected the various water lily photos from different gardens here in one slide show.

Water Lilies

And now here's a list of the gardens I have visited and photographed. I hope you enjoy them.

SF Conservatory of Flowers

The Dahlia Dell

Filoli Gardens

Elizabeth Gamble Garden

Butchart Gardens

Huntington Gardens

JBC Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden

San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

San Francisco Botanical Garden

UC Berkeley Botanical Garden

UC Santa Cruz Arboretum

Balboa Park

Nola's Iris Farm







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