Christmas 1992

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Holiday greetings as the season grows near
I hope you're well and feeling fine
My thanks for your interest in this life of mine
I've jumped into life not feet but head first
I'm in high gear with an unquenchable thirst
For challenging myself and letting go of fear
What's in my future has now become clear
I went up in a plane and fell from the sky
I screamed in pleasure, no I didn't die
I stood on a bridge and threw myself off
Foolish and dangerous, yes you may scoff
But it made me feel real different inside
No longer afraid and wanting to hide
I have a new love and it's with the sea
I explore its depths, never thought I'd be
Chasing sharks around or looking at kelp
Now I'm very happy, I used God's help
You see I took my advice, I did it with care
I looked inside and found him there.
John B. Caddell 1992