Christmas 1991

I can't believe it's time once more
A dejŠ vu, I've been here before
Life has been trying, to say the least
I'm needing a change from famine to feast
Had a big setback when I broke my toe
But things are improving, I want you to know
The bone is healed, I can walk around
Won't be long before I'm off the ground
I'll be climbing a wall or sailing at sea
Focusing my energy on being me
Now how's this relate to this time of year
A season of love and giving up fear
We pass each day with our hopes for tomorrow
All wanting a life without pain, grief, or sorrow
So where do we start, both you and I
In healing our earth, from river to sky
The world needs peace, it's time to begin
Look in your heart, find the God within.
John B. Caddell
October 23, 1991