Y'all come on down, please gather round, and listen to my song.
Rejoice this night, we're feeling right, we just can't do no wrong.
Let's celebrate, don't hesitate, it's time to bare our souls.
Use your voice, make your choice, to reach for higher goals.
Howl to the moon, call like the loon, express your primal side.
Let go of fear, there's power near, do what you've never tried.
Begin the dance, feel free to prance, come on and show your stuff.
What of pleasure, no need measure, we never get enough.
Lift up your arms, and sing the charms, heal this planet of ours.
Help save the earth, our place of birth, shout! and use your powers.
You are the one, thy will be done, oh holy is your game.
Live for the now, your heart knows how, for Pagan is thy name
John B. Caddell 1992