It lies encased in frozen ground
This tiny seed, though winter bound
While darkness rules these lonely nights
Still knows its purpose, its genetic rights
Released on cue by Nature’s hand
A game of chance, where will it land
A flight of fancy, a glorious ride
Carried away on some animal’s hide
When the time is right, it quickly drops
To begin new life where it finally stops
Others take flight with the breath of wind
A similar risk, where will it send
Our little seed, it all depends
But where it does, new life begins
Mostly though they drop to earth
To wait for rain, it gives them birth
Next, tiny roots pierce through the shell
Will they succeed, only time will tell
Down they reach through watered soil
The more soft it is, the less they toil
The miracle continues when first leaf appears
A bouquet will be, if surrounded by peers
Up they reach, give praise to the sun
Rooted in earth, they live as one
Taking for nourishment, and giving in return
A lesson we humans must surely learn
While further stretch these healthy fronds
From wind blown plains to bullfrog ponds
All alike yet so unique
What beauty beholds at their highest peak
Wildflowers have purpose, wise words they say
There’s abundance for all when you live their way
A symphony of colors explodes into sight
And plant savors taste of its only birth right
To yield new seed, to continue life
And so it happens if spared the knife
In a lover’s hand with romantic heart
Continuing the cycle by playing the part
Each one of us has in this magnificent place
To live in harmony regardless of race
So to complete my life, I have one need
To follow the flight of the wildflower seed
John B Caddell 5/30/99