It's Up To You

Let me tell you what I think
Thought it one day sitting near the sink
Seems to me there's lots of ways
To view this world, its many plays
What works for you might not for others
Doesn't mean yall can't still be brothers
If you're smart enough to figure out
What your life is all about
Surely then you have to know
Where your life is gonna go.
What can you say about the things you do
Are they good, are they bad, or just indifferent to you
Do you question yourself as you fall asleep
About the things you've learned, what do you keep
Do you believe in God, or some Supreme Being
Feel strength in your faith, or rely on seeing
To know what is true, the meaning of life
Is it one full of stress, or free from strife
What is the answer, have you found it yet
Do you have a peaceful life, knowing what you'll get
Or lost in confusion, unsure of what's ahead
Trapped in a life not much better than dead
Better get it together, you ought to do it now
Just take a look inside, if you want to know how
If you don't get it right, it's not too bad
You can live in the past with the things you've had
If you want to live forever, to know what will be
Unlock your soul, and let it fly free
It's okay if you don't, no, it's not a sin
It's just that you'll have to do this over again.
John B. Caddell 12/29/95