Stuck On A Path

Stuck on a path, never reaching, never growing
Afraid of your fears, you live without knowing
You won't bare your soul, it goes without showing
Don't you wish you knew where you're going?

Stuck on a path that just leaves you in tears.
Voices from the past still ring in your ears.
While life passes you by, years upon years.
Must you always be held by your fears?

Stuck on a path, all that pain is real
What you've done in your life is no big deal
Your heart cries out, yet your lips, you seal
Oh wouldn't you love to share how you feel?

Stuck on a path, you've got to get through
Express yourself in all that you do
Learn to trust, for what I say is true
When it comes to God, it gets down to you.
John B. Caddell