Where Rocks Are Born

Chattooga River, hide your secrets well
I beg you though, one thing please tell
It's puzzling to me, but not to some
Now, where do all those rocks come from
Then one eve down by that stream
Soaring high, so lost in dream
I had a vision inside my head
An ancient one appeared and said
I'll tell you while you're in this trance
Just go to where I begin my dance
Find the place where I start to flow
There you'll find what you wish to know
I awoke at once from hypnotic state
Ecstatic now I couldn't wait
My journey began that early morn
To finally see where rocks are born
A sacred site at this river's source
And all the land where goes her course
Draped in beauty, her glory unspoiled
See hawk in flight and rattlesnake coiled
Pristine forest untouched for years
I'm so in awe, reduced to tears
I swim naked through narrow gorge
More spectacular and ahead I forge
Over giant logjam and bigger rocks
You wonder what moved these massive blocks
Forces of nature, so wild and free
Bathe me in your majesty
And there before me in this splendid earth
The vortex hole where rocks give birth
John B Caddell 6/1/99