Precious Life

I had a scare the other day, an attack upon my health
Worried more than I ever have, since I have no extensive wealth
My neck locked up and my arm went dead
And I caught a strange virus inside my head
It's amazing how, with fear and fright
We'll frantically search for the doctor that's right
Yes I must confess, I'm guilty as such
Though I tell you true, I never hurt this much
But the emotional stress is worser yet
Which is the case no matter what I get
I think I'm dying, then I wish I would
I try to sleep, thinking, 'If only I could,
Get to the bottom of this, find out what I got
So I can begin to heal or maybe not
What if it's permanent, I try not to think
But the thought slips through, and my spirit starts to sink
I fight to remember what life is about
My mind races quickly, time is running out
There's something I believe in, a spiritual thing
I look to my God, yes the peace it will bring
For I know the answer, so plain to see
That I'm the only one responsible for me
I'm better now, health within my grasp
My love beside me, her hand I clasp
I'm a lucky man, I know this well
I'm through with this short trip through hell
I've won the prize, my faith insures
That hate dies, and love endures.
John B. Caddell 2/16/96