John B Caddell
Copyright 2009


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My Poetry 1

Not always easy to write down the word
Expressing the thought you want to be heard
So I write poetry in a sing-song way
Using simple words when I got to say
What I feel in my heart or think in my head
And it usually begins with something I've said
Maybe a witty phrase, or oft a catchy line
Words to make you think, but only if they're mine.
John B. Caddell
January 4, 1992

 Please feel free to peruse the following collection of my poetry. I began writing poetry sometime around 1984, after my first committed relationship came to an end. None of it was really any good at first, but it did prove to be an excellent means of therapy to mend the pains of a broken heart. Most notable from this early era is SNAILS. 1984 marked the beginning of an on-going tradition, when I began making my own Christmas cards with my photography and writing a poem as a Christmas message. They are collected by many people who have managed to stay on my Christmas list!
 In 1990, I got divorced, and began writing poetry some more. Seems like I need some trauma in his life to make him write. Anyways, enjoy what you read while you have a look at the my various thoughts and emotions. These are all contained in
4 volumes of my self-published book, Insights to a Mind, Vols. 1-4, a handmade artwork containing my photography and poetry. In 1998 after a 2nd divroce, I began to combine my photography and poetry into artworks. A few of the poems are 'blends' as are all of the Haiku Art. Hope you like.
Just remember, you might have to think!


        POETRY by JBC