I'm a single white male with an itch to dance
Even do a little drumming as a means to trance
I've been on the planet for forty-two years
And it's in the outdoors that I count my peers

I've got a little garden where flowers abound
And I only eat what I grow from the ground
I cherish the beauty of the things I see
I'm there for others and here for me

I keep in shape in a non-obsessed way
With a passion for thrills where I like to play
Canoeing, Climbing, Skiing, Biking,
Taking photos while nature hiking.

And though I have to work with a computer
I've managed to keep a good sense of humor
Tall and lean with eyes of blue
A bearded boy, with long hair too

If you're a lovely lady with lust for life
Get in touch... unless you're a wife.
John B. Caddell 1992