There's a guy out there, David Duke's his name
Racial hatred and fear, that's his whole game
He ran for public office so he could be in power
But people were too smart, just wasn't his hour
Now he wants to be the ruler of us all
If we make him President, can't you see the wall
It would divide our land and fill it with hate
Don't help him win, don't buy a plate
From a fund-raising dinner where he'd feed you lies
About how he's changed and cut all his ties
From skinhead groups who are proud of their race
But can't do their work without covering their face
Listen to me please, I tell you it's true
Life is gonna be hell for me and you
Cause if he gets elected, it'll be quite grim
For those that aren't white, or different from him
Don't get me wrong, I'm not for Bush
If it were up to me, I'd kick his tush
Don't vote for him, let's end his days
Rid ourselves of his warmongering ways
We need new blood, both honest and proud
Not some dweeb who's obnoxious and loud
Like that second-rate actor, or the guy with the nose
Why, they're the reason I have to write this prose
Democrats, Republicans, they're all the same
They don't care about us, it's just a game
To me, they're crooks, evil pirates of the seas
Like the Keating Five and the Kennedy's
Don't you feel tired and cheated of your due
By those elected to look out for you
We gotta do more than raise our voices
John B. Caddell
December 8, 1991