My Life

You know I love the great outdoors, it is the place for me
It's there that I feel at home, it's where I need to be
So much beauty to be found, the air so fresh and clean
And the ugliness of each city, well, it is not to be seen
To harmonize with nature is the finest thing I know
Cause it always makes me feel alive, wherever I can go
I have a loving kinship to the mountains and the trees
I am a kindred spirit to the rivers and the seas
God blessed me with a special gift, I excel at what I do
If you could know the way it feels, you'd want to do it too
Imagine sitting in a canoe, at the edge of a raging stream
Your heart is pounding wildly now, you know this ain't a dream
Or standing in your climbing shoes, at the base of a giant wall
Adrenaline surging through your veins, you know this is your call
Maybe it is the winter time, are you up for a mountain thrill
While clipped into your favorite skis, you're blazing down the hill
You could be standing by the beach, strapped into scuba gear
Ready to enter another world, you must let go of fear
All these things bring joy to me, a way of life I love
And when my day comes to an end, I pray to the stars above
Let me live each day like this, till it is my time to die
And let me breathe my very last, under the open sky
John B Caddell 3/11/99