The Parent-Child Relation

Now I lay you down to sleep
Dear sweet child of mine
I'll watch over you in slumber deep
While you have dreams so fine
You are my flesh, my blood and soul
Yes, you are my loving kind
And with your birth you changed my role
Our lives forever entwined.

You're growing up, my precious one
And you'll learn many things
I'll be with you until you're done
We'll share the joy life brings
Come my child, come hold my hand
Feel my warmth inside
You know my love will always stand
We'll share life's glorious ride.

Lay down my love and hear my song
I will sing to you each night
I will keep you safe from wrong
And teach you what is right
For what I feel is plain to see
Needs no interpretation
It's the bond that sets us free
The Parent-Child relation.
John B. Caddell
October 1, 1994