Life and Death

Your life begins at the edge of birth
You enter this world, not knowing your worth
A small little life hopefully filled with mirth
Seeking to find your place on this earth.
Almost immediately you start to age
And dealing with it is a war you wage
Each day goes by like the turning of a page
Using your happiness as a measuring gauge
What follows in life is up to you
The choices you make, the things you do
The goals you set, and which ones you pursue
Remember the words, 'To thyself be true'.
Life goes on as you get much older
More hunched over and a lot less bolder
The stresses build up and weigh on your shoulder
And oh those nights seem much more colder
The end gets near and you ask yourself why
'What have I done, what didn't I try'
Look to your God, and don't deny
It's a wonderfully natural thing to die.
John B. Caddell October 14, 1992