Free Solo

It was a long hike through the woods
Right up the talus slope to the wall
Fills his lungs with fresh mountain air
And he says a prayer that he will not fall
Then looking out across this splendid valley
Of sculptured rock and trees so tall
He feels at peace with a readied nerve
Knowing it's time to answer his call
It took him years to build up to this
By pushing his limits every single day
'If it went up, then he'd try to climb it'
Or so most of his friends would say
Now here in this wilderness beauty
He looks up and sees no other way
To rid his demons and heal his soul
To release that child at play
The mountain rises a thousand feet
And vanishes into unbounded sky
With overhangs and offwidth cracks
The sane would only wonder why
So great the risk to make this climb
You must do it and not just try
And there he stands without a rope
It would make my mother cry
He chalks his hands and takes first hold
That is how it has to be
He makes each move with a skillful touch
As far up as you can see
He sings in harmony with this rock
His soul it does set free
Now to this day he repeats this song
In the valley named Yosemite.
John B Caddell 6/9/99