The Fisherman

Silhouetted against a painted sky
The lonely fisherman casts his fly
He reels it in with whispered sigh
I pause in time to wonder why
In wooded hills 'neath ancient peak
I travel here when down and weak
So needing the solitude that I seek
This precious jewel we call Hat Creek
With rocky spires still covered in snow
And lava tubes from volcanic blow
Where alpine lake reflects mountain glow
My soul soars with this spectacular show
This fisherman now, he seems so sure
A quick little snap to cast his lure
Over waters clear and crystal pure
Though waist deep, he stands secure
Just what is this sportsman's bout
'Tween two at the river, one in, one out
He must be losing, I guess from his pout
In quest for that elusive rainbow trout
More curious now, I should ask instead
But maybe it is better left unsaid
Honking and quacking, there's geese overhead
With two point landings in search of a bed
He works the fly in a gentle way
Makes it dance like a bug at play
I understand now, I have to say
It might be fun to do this all day
Line goes taut, he's got a bite
And rainbow flash puts up a fight
I see him smile in the waning light
As I journey forth into the night
John B Caddell 6/5/99