Went up to the mountains for a weekend trip
Life's out of control, I need to get a grip
Brought my canoe for some whitewater play
Get back to my roots, I want a brand new day
My health is lacking, it's not up to par
It pains me now, I can’t run that far
But by the riverbank I slide into the saddle
My gear tied in and I’m ready to paddle
It’s a gentle stretch, no more than Class Two
Though, up at Lake Tahoe, did I mention the view
The water flows quick and swiftly past
Get ready now, we’re leaving fast
This river is cold and crystal clear
I praise Mother Earth, I’m alive and here
An abundance of wildlife, great wonders to see
From the playful swallows to the mighty oak tree
Red tail hawks, their piercing cries
With cascading creeks increasing its size
Now faster current and bigger waves
Down watery road and the path it paves
A magnificent river, her beauty unmarred
While we drift along in heaven’s backyard
There’s tranquility here, it brings me peace
As I witness spawning fish and migrating geese
A steep little gorge, this is way too fun
Look back over shoulder at the rapid just run
Now remember me as I head downstream
I’ve found my place in a living dream
John B Caddell 6/6/99