Cheer up, be happy, it's going to be okay
At least, that's what the politicians all have to say
It's safe in the world, you can come out and play
But don't expect any tax breaks to fall your way
The Berlin Wall is down, Communism is dead
And we finally see a nation just wanting to be fed
No red terror, just a figment in our head
No angels of death, only folks needing bread
But what about here with us at home
And how we're led by those in the dome
They've stolen all the land where the buffalo roam
Just to put up buildings of glass and chrome
Where equal rights have suffered for years
A rich man's land where no one hears
When a woman speaks out and shares her fears
And it always ends in defeat and tears
Let's strive for a change to make things just
Heal our wounds, bring back the trust
We gotta have peace, it's simply a must
Or we'll blow all this back to dust.
John B. Caddell October 18, 1991