The Storm Series

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The Lighthouse

Thirty days now since I last saw land
I've been drifting, lost at sea
Prayed to God for a helping hand
To my port, deliver me
Lightning flashed and thunder roared
While I held on for life
With no one else still left on board
I longed to hold my wife
Storm raged on and I prepared to die
Alone this dreary night
When, there, it flashed across the sky
My beautiful, guiding light.
JBC 2/18/2001



The Full Moon Series

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The Vuurtoren Series

Vuurtoren is Dutch for Lighthouse. Literally translated, it means Firetower. I photographed a few of these very old structures in the Netherlands and Southern France. Before lamps and electricity, fires were burned on hillsides near harbors to mark the entrance, as well as on top of towers such as these. These selections are my interpretation of those nights of yore.

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