Heislerville, New Jersey


I wouldn't have known about this one if I hadn't taken the time to look at the plaque in front of Cape May. It showed all the lights I wanted to see along the coast, but it also included another light on the Delaware Bay side of New Jersey. I figured out on my map how to get there, since the plaque only showed a geographical location. There aren't many roads out there so it was easy to find. Take 47 west from the GS Pkwy and when you past the little town of Delmont, there is a sharp curve to the right. Follow CR616 west to East Point Road. Turn left to the lighthouse.

East Point marks the entrance to the Maurice River. It looks deserted, but is actually under restoration. Originally constructed in 1849 in the Cape Cod style and equipped with a 6th order lens, it sent out its light until 1941. It has been automated since 1911 and in 1980 it was reestablished as active light. You can arrange tours by calling 856-327-3714. 

I saw my first live horseshoe crabs at the beach here. Someone told me they were all dead, and they looked it, kinda buried into the sand. Then later, there was a couple of people who were picking them up by their tails and putting them into the water. They were actually alive. So I helped. Strange, prehistoric looking critters, I must say.

Here's how I saw it:
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John B Caddell

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