Several years ago, I heard that there was a rose garden in San Jose so I looked it up and went for a peek. This was before I had digital cameras, if I remember correctly. Anyway, it was a dismal place to behold. Quite pathetic, actually. And I left without taking any pictures. It was a very disappointing photo outing.

Fast forward to present. A couple of very nice folks ( I have met them both), Terry Reilly and Beverly Rose Hopper co-found the Friends of San Jose Rose Garden. They pulled together some city funding along with several hundred volunteers, and pulled off an amazing comeback. You see, the garden was so bad that the Board (AARS) that accredits public display rose gardens was about to yank SJMRG's accreditation. This is death for rose gardens. And today, it has become one of the finest rose gardens in America. In fact, you can vote for it at which is holding America's Best Rose Gardens Contest. So have a look at my slide show, and you'll see why this magnificent garden deserves your vote.

Update: The San Jose Municipal Rose Garden did in fact, win the AARS contest. This is a rose garden not to be missed. If you like fragrant roses, then be sure to find Stephen's Big Purple, Double Delight, Scentimental, Julio Iglesia, Oklahoma, and my favorite, Sugar Moon. There are others as well, you'll just have to find them with your nose.

For more information about this wonderful rose garden, visit their website:
Friends of San Jose Rose Garden

Here's my photos from America's Best Rose Garden

SJMRG Photos


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