Water Lily


I first visited this garden back in 1981, I believe, while I was living in Los Angeles area. My mother had come out to visit me and so I looked up places to take her. I knew she liked to visit places like this. I don't remember much about that visit and if I took any photos back then, I couldn't find them now. And they probably weren't very good, either. Fast forward to the past 4 years and I started going to visit every time we took our daughter to Disneyland. I love it there. I'd go every week if I could stand to live down there again, but I think not. They have the most amazing cactus and succulent garden I have ever seen. And water lily ponds. It's well worth the admission price. Take a blanket and spend the day lounging by one of the ponds or in the rose garden or in that cactus garden. You'll be amazed at the hummingbird activity there. I can't wait to go back.

For more information about this beautiful garden, please check out their website:
Huntington Gardens

Here's my photos from this pretty little garden:

Huntington Garden Photos


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