The Elizabeth Gamble Garden is another one of those discoveries I made while taking pictures at Filoli. Most of the people I talk to there know of several other gardens and are happy to refer me to them. I have been to Gamble Garden twice now, and the second time was on the same day as I visited the San Mateo Garden Center. On that visit, I was getting ready to walk into the garden area and was standing at the back of my car with my usual three cameras hanging around my neck. A woman was backing out to the right of my car and as she came broadside to me, she looked at the cameras and stopped and rolled down her window. She commented on the arsenal I was about to assault the garden with, and said too bad it was so windy. I said yes, but I could use a wide aperture and fast shutter speed to overcome it. She said yes she knew that because she was a professional photographer, but even with those techniques, I was doomed to fail because the wind would still blow the subject in and out of the narrow focus area. What could I say? She was a professional and I am just a photographer with a passionate obsession. Anyway, I told her I had lots of practice and she drove away, shaking her head, like I was clueless. So I am happy to present to you the results of that 'total waste of time, a collection of all those blurry, unrecognizable pictures' of the splendid flowers at Gamble Garden.
For more information about this beautiful garden, please check out their website:
Gamble Garden

Here's my photos from this pretty little garden:

Gamble Garden Photos


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