Sunken Garden and Bell Tower 


I had heard about this garden from an ex-coworker but I never went there until a couple of years ago, well in August of 2007. One Saturday I didn't want to drive too far and I wanted to take pictures so I thought I would check out Filoli Gardens. Glad I did! What a great place! This is a historic site, a mansion and grounds started back in the early 1900's. You can tour the mansion also. See how rich people lived.

Anyway, I had a splendid first visit, so I returned on Sunday and joined as a member.I have now seen it during daffodil and tulip time - you gotta go when they first open the last weekend of February, or the next weekend. Then go in mid April to see the foxgloves and wisteria. Spectacular. Go early because it will get very crowded. Roses come after that. Later in August the dahlias are in full bloom. The staff and docents are quite friendly and helpful. They either know the names of unmarked plants or will gladly find out for you. If you happen to visit on a day that I do, I am the one with several Nikon digital cameras around my neck. So without further delay - here's some images from the beautiful Filoli Gardens.

For more information about these fantastic gardens, visit their website:
Filoli Gardens

Here's my photos from Filoli:

Filoli Garden Photos


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