The Dahlia Dell




I found this delightful garden, devoted exclusively to Dahlias, in the middle of the parking lot on the right side of the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, when I first visited the Conservatory. At the time, I thought it was an outdoor garden of the Conservatory, but I soon learned that it is the only private garden in Golden Gate Park. The city of SF provides the plot and water to members of the SF Dahlia Society. The two plots, one in the center of the parking area and the other on the hillside behind the parking area, are divided in the several sections which are 'owned' by different members. They till the soil and plant their own tubers or stem cuttings each year. They do all the work in maintaining their sections and use the prize specimens in Dahlia shows. One man even does his own hybridizing. He is very pleasant and approachable and has shared his knowledge about growing these magnificent flowers.

When I go up there to spend the day in the Conservatory during the Dahlia season, I usually take maybe 1000+ photos just of the Dahlias. Check out my photos below and you can see why. If you are a flower afficionado, then by all means, go see this garden. They don't start planting until late April, early May, so late June is when it starts getting good.

For more information about this wonderful little garden, visit their website:
The Dahlia Dell

Here's my photos from there:

Dahlia Dell Photos


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