The Butchart Gardens


Reflecting Pond  


This is the Disneyland of formal gardens. Couldn't believe the place the first time I went there. It was very crowded and I don't like people in my photos, so I had to wait forever to get my clicks. Timing was everything. Then I went back a 2nd time a year or so later, only this time I was smart enoough to go on a weekday in September after school had started. Much better. I did worry however that being that far north that late in the season, I wouldn't find many flowers. I was wrong. Lots of beautiful blooms, especially the Dahlias. So plan your visit either in May or September so you miss out on the vacation crowds. Go first thing in the morning. You'll get a great parking space and be one of the first people in. Head directly to the Sunken Garden area and you can get plenty of panorama pics overlooking the entire sunken garden area with nobody in your frames. Take lots of storage card and extra batteries because you will find it hard to stop clicking the shutter.

For more information about this fantastic garden, visit their website:
Butchart Gardens

Here's my photos from there:

Butchart Photos


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