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John B Caddell


Hi there! I'm John and thanks for visiting my gallery.
I am pleased to present to you some photographic images

that I believe you will thoroughly enjoy, if you appreciate
the beauty of nature. Okay, okay, and lighthouses, and
a few statues. Herein you will find a photographic journal
of my travels here and about in the world. So, take 
some time and browse a while. Put on your favorite 
music. Take your shoes off, relax, breathe deeply.
And I saved the best detail for last, they are for sale!

One other thing, here's the link to my


Sign it, if you would be so kind.

1/6/2013: Added new galleries with a new format.

The following link is to a selection of slide shows.

1/24/09 - Slide Show Series
(68 Slide Shows)









All photos are protected by the Copyright Act. Any unauthorized use of these photos will result in the erosion of your moral fiber. I took all of them except for the ones of me, few that there are. This one above was taken by one of my parents, and for those of you who know of my fondness for little frog thingies, here's why. My buddy Froggie at the head of my crib, always made me smile when I was a baby. That and fruit cocktail. - JBC

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