Rainbow Lorikeets at the Riverbanks Zoo 

My mother loved birds. I remember her keeping a bird feeder and bath in our yard at the different houses we lived in while I grew up as a child and teenager. She collected a wonderful set of ceramic birds that she kept on display in a nice glass cabinet in her apartment. We set up her den so she could sit and watch TV or work on her crossword puzzles and look out her patio door to see the many birds that came to her feeders.  

So during my visits to the various zoos, I have been getting photos of the birds that are in the zoo aviaries. They are the most difficult of photos to get because the birds are usually behind some kind of tight mesh netting, making it extremely hard to focus as well as keep the netting out of the picture. I have done my best to capture these birds, like the lighthouses, for her to see. Only I am sad to say I was too late in erecting this section. My Mother passed away this morning, Nov. 16, 2004, while I held her. It is in her loving memory that I dedicate this new section of my website. I hope you enjoy these photographs.

Abyssinian Ground Hornbill
African Jacana
African Spoonbill
American Bittern
American White Pelican
Azure-Winged Magpie
Bald Eagle
Bali Mynah
Barn Owl
Black-Crowned Night Heron
Black-Necked Swan
Blue-Crowned Motmot
Blue-Faced Honeyeater
Blue-Gray Tanager
Blue-Winged Leafbird
Blue and Yellow Macaw
Boat-Billed Heron
Carmine Bee Eater
Cattle Egret
Chestnut-Mandibled Toucan
Cinereous Vulture
Cotton Pygmy Goose
Crested Screamer
Curl-Crested Aracari
Demoiselle Crane
Dusky Lorikeet
Eastern Brown Pelican
Eurasian Wigeon
Fairy Bluebird
Fischer's Lovebird
Golden Breasted Starling
Greater Flamingo
Green Aracari
Green-Naped Pheasant Pigeon
Hadada Ibis
Hawk-Headed Parrot
Hooded Merganser
Hooded Pitta
House Sparrow
Keel-Billed Toucan
King Vulture
Laughing Kookaburra
Lesser Green Broadbill
Luzon Bleeding Heart Pigeon
Maguari Stork
Mandarin Duck
Marabou Stork
Masked Plover
Ornamental Crowned Crane
Pied Crow
Pink-Necked Fruit Dove
Raggiana Bird of Paradise
Rainbow Lorikeet
Redhead Duck
Reichenow's Weaver
Rhino Hornbill
Rubber Ducky
Ruddy Duck
Saddle Billed Stork
Sandhill Crane
Silver-Beaked Tanager
Southern Long-Tailed Whydah
Speckled Mousebird
Spectacled Owl
Sun Bittern
Taveta Golden Weaver
Toco Toucan
Turquoise Tanager
Victoria Crowned Pigeon
Western Screech Owl
White-Faced Whistling Duck
White-Tailed Trogon
White-Throated Bee Eater
Wood Duck
Yellow-Billed Cardinal


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