Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands



I must admit, I lucked into this one. I had just amazed myself by finding the Hellevoetsluis Vuurtoren without having seen it from a distance first. I just drove into the maze of narrow little streets made of cobblestone, winding almost aimlessly through the town. I headed for the water and looked for boats. I had parked in the lot for the restaurant right across the canal from the vuurtoren. I finished up my photos and turned back to the rental car. As I stood at the door to get in, I looked across the way in the direction I had to go, being a one way street, and I couldn't believe that I was seeing a lantern room on top of a skeleton tower on a boat. I drove to that side of the parking lot and walked over to the ship. No trespassing. I hate that sign, but there it was and some guy rode up and parked his bike right at the gangplank over to the deck, then entered through a bulkhead door. 

It seems like it still goes places, in that it doesn't appear to be moored permanently, like the Breeveertien in Rotterdam. I'll tell  you more when I find out.


Here's how I saw it:
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John B Caddell

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